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    Folding Stretchers

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    Scoop Stretchers

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    Spine Boards

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    Basket Stretchers

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    Ambulance Stretchers

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    Evacuation Chairs

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    Funeral Stretchers


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    Emergency Blanket

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    Instant Cold Pack

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    Adhesive Bandaids

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    CAT Tourniquet

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    Gauze Dressing


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    Triangular Bandage

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    Elastic Bandage

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    Pressure Bandage

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    Conforming PBT Bandage

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    Cohesive Bandage

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    Tubular Bandage

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    PU Foam Soft Bandage

First aid kit

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Ambulance Stretcher

Our automatic loading ambulance stretcher is lightweight,durable,safe and easy to operate, one person can operate and send the patient to the ambulance vehicle. The mechanical foldaway legs are controlled by the handles on one end of the stretcher. Also the stretcher can be locked by the fixing devices when on the ambulance car. The surface is made of foamed cushion,front of this stretcher can be tilted, Adjustable backrest allows for multiple adjustments keeping the wounded comfortable, The backrest can be adjusted 0-75 degrees to accommodate any position.

Rayon Tan Zinc

Rayon Tan Zinc is a medical-grade tape that is used to secure dressings, catheters, and other medical devices. It is made from a blend of rayon and zinc oxide, which makes it strong, durable, and resistant to moisture.

Powered Evacuation/Stair Stretcher

The Battery Powered Stair Chair has a power track system that makes transporting patients up and down stairs an easy task, It provides controlled transportation up and down stairs. When operating this chair the power tracks make contact with the stairs, allowing the chair to glide over the edge of the stairs eliminating the need to lift the patient and chair. The Battery Powered Stair Chair can be used for medical transport, emergency evacuations, daily assistance going up and down stairs.

Basket Stretcher

When it comes to emergency medical services (EMS), every second counts. Basket stretcher is a type of stretcher used to transport patients who have been injured or are otherwise incapacitated in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. It is typically made of lightweight, durable materials such as stainless steel or plastic. Basket stretcher is designed to support the patient's body while they are being transported. The basket stretcher is shaped like a basket, hence its name, and comes with patient restraint straps, lifting harnesses, and other accessories to help secure the patient during transport.

Dialysis Chair

Dialysis chair is a specialized chair that is designed to provide a comfortable and safe seating option for patients undergoing dialysis treatment. By providing an adjustable and comfortable seating option for patients, healthcare providers can help to ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of care during this life-sustaining treatment. Our dialysis chair also include a blood donation function, allowing individuals to donate blood while seated in the chair. Our chairs typically feature adjustable height, tilt, and recline functions, cushioned seating, and armrests to ensure patient comfort during the process. Our dialysis chairs with blood donation functions are commonly found in blood donation centers and hospitals.

Scoop Stretcher

Our scoop stretcher provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization, two blades are slip underneath the patients, then joined at the head and the foot end,designed to be gently maneuvered under the patient without rolling or lifrting, which significantly decreases movement to the cervical spine.

Spine Board

Our Spine Board is made from high density completely recyclable polyethylene, moulded into a unique, one piece shell spine board, provides the highest quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate emergency spinal care. The biggest advantage of spine board is that it enables easy access to awkward low spaces and makes movement of the body easy in confined areas.

Abdominal Pads

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Eye Pad

Eye pad can protect your eyes from infection and harsh sunlight when they are wounded and sensitive.

Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc Oxide Tape is a non stretch cotton tape with a zinc oxide adhesive, easily conforms to the area you are taping. It is easy to tear with the fingers, comes in a variety of widths and lengths, used for all types of sports taping applications.



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