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Sterile Z-fold gauze

Sterile Z-fold gauze is a medical supply that is commonly used to clean and dress wounds.

Israeli bandage 4″ and 6″

The Israeli bandage, also called Emergency Truma Bandage, is a first-aid wound dressing used for stop bleeding in emergency situations, can be applied quickly and easily to control bleeding and provide compression, even be self-applied with one hand if necessary. Available in two different width sizes 4" and 6".
  • Comes with a sterile non-adherent pad.
  • Specially designed for quick and simple application.
  • Vacuum-sealed, waterproof packaging.

Rayon Tan Zinc

Rayon Tan Zinc is a medical-grade tape that is used to secure dressings, catheters, and other medical devices. It is made from a blend of rayon and zinc oxide, which makes it strong, durable, and resistant to moisture.

Elastic Fabric Plaster – 6cm x 1m

Fabric plaster is a kind of adhesive bandaid made from elastic heavy weight fabric, comes with size 6cm x  100cm, so you can cut to any shpe and size that you need.

Soft Foam Cohesive Bandage

Soft foam cohesive bandage is made from polyurethane foam, features with lightweight, highly stretchable, adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin, no clips or fasteners needed, perfect for quick use of small wound.

Pre-rolled Tubular Finger Bandage

Finger bob's bandage is a kind of pre-rolled tubular bandage, it's ideal for protect fingers from damage and infection. Ready to use and no applicator needed, available in White or Blue color, also available in two sizes, Medium size and Large size. Suitable for all finger sizes. Non-Sterile.

Dressing Pack Medium

A dressing pack medium is a pre-packaged sterile kit used for wound care and management. It typically contains a variety of items necessary for dressing a wound.

Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc Oxide Tape is a non stretch cotton tape with a zinc oxide adhesive, easily conforms to the area you are taping. It is easy to tear with the fingers, comes in a variety of widths and lengths, used for all types of sports taping applications.

Non-woven Adhesive Tape

Non-woven Adhesive tape is a type of adhesive tape that is made from non-woven fabric materials, rather than traditional woven fabrics. Non-woven fabrics are produced by bonding fibers together using heat, chemicals, or mechanical processes, rather than weaving them together.

Medical Tourniquet Quick Release

This medical tourniquet with quick release buckle is ideal for drawing blood or as an emergency bleeding controller, easy to use, simply tighten the tourniquet around the patient's upper arm and use the quick release buckle for rapid removal. Multi color available. Contains latex.

Eye Pad

Eye pad can protect your eyes from infection and harsh sunlight when they are wounded and sensitive.

Abdominal Pads

ABD pads, also known as abdominal pads, are essential medical supplies designed for high absorbency and effective wound care. These versatile pads excel as a drainage dressing, skillfully managing moderate to heavy exudate to promote a clean, conducive healing environment. Their multi-layer construction makes ABD pads the ideal choice for addressing large wounds or post-surgical incisions. As a trusted abdominal dressing solution, ABD pads provide reliable and comfortable coverage, whether you're a healthcare professional or managing wound care at home. Expertly handling the demands of wound drainage and protection, they offer superior absorbency and ultimate wound care. Experience the dependability and versatility of our ABD pads for your effective abdominal dressing needs.