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Dialysis Chair

Dialysis chair is a specialized chair that is designed to provide a comfortable and safe seating option for patients undergoing dialysis treatment. By providing an adjustable and comfortable seating option for patients, healthcare providers can help to ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of care during this life-sustaining treatment. Our dialysis chair also include a blood donation function, allowing individuals to donate blood while seated in the chair. Our chairs typically feature adjustable height, tilt, and recline functions, cushioned seating, and armrests to ensure patient comfort during the process. Our dialysis chairs with blood donation functions are commonly found in blood donation centers and hospitals.

Waiting Chair

Total Length: 182cm Net weight:33kg(3 seats/one group) Description:surface coated, galvanized armrest.

Luxurious Waiting Chair

Total Length: 173cm Net weight:40kg(3 seats/one group) Description:Steel Coated, rugged structure.

Luxurious Gas Spring Transfusion Chair

Luxurious Gas Spring Transfusion Chair is a type of medical chair designed for patients who need to receive intravenous (IV) infusion therapy, blood transfusions, or other medical treatments that require them to sit for an extended period of time. Specification: 90 x 85 x 45cm(backrest height:105) Packing Size: 87 x 85 x 63.5cm(half-installed) Net Weight: 38kg Description: Sofa style appearance design, the fabric is pressed PVC artificial, steel frame coated, any angle adjustable.

New Transfusion Chair

New Transfusion Chair makes patients can now receive transfusions in a more comfortable and efficient way. Specification:82 x 70 x 102cm Packing Size:90 x 56 x 31cm Net Weight:25kg Description: the fabric is pressed PVC artificial, steel frame coated, not adjustable.

Transfusion Chair

Transfusion chair helps to provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients receiving intravenous therapy or blood transfusions.

Accompanying Bed

Specification:75*24*98cm(backrest height: 98) Unfolding Size:186*75*30cm Packing Size:70*24*92cm Net Weight:18.5kg Description: the fabric is lint or leather, steel frame coated

Accompanying Chair

Specification:65*62*42cm(backrest height: 98) Unfolding Size:190*62*58cm Packing Size:118.5*61.5*22cm Net Weight:22.5kg Description: the fabric is pressed PVC artificial, steel frame coated