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Nasal Oxygen Cannual

Nasal Oxygen Cannual tube can prevent carbon dioxide retention, provides maximum safety for the patient. Compact size and light weight, easy for carry, take it to any place you need. Made with safe and durable PVC medical grade, resist cracking and tearing, good for use.
  • Color: white, light-green, lavender
  • Length: 2.0m, 2.5m
  • Individually packed
  • EO sterilized
  •  Single use
  • A for standard tip; B for flared tip

Quick Splint

The Quick Splint is one of the most popular emergency splints in the world, also called SAM(Structural Aluminum Malleable) Splint, is used world wide as a quick and creative way to immobilize injured joints in emergency and remote situations. They are durable, waterproof, reusable, lightweight, and are invisible on x-rays. They are an ideal splint for trauma first aid kits.

EVA Rescue Stretcher

This Multi Functional EVA rescue stretcher is designed to move patients through difficult areas with less risk of injuring their back. the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications, This EVA stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security.

Pocket CPR Mask

The Pocket CPR Mask Kit is a reusable, easy-to-clean, pocket sized CPR mouth barrier with a transparent dome that completely seals to the faces of infants, children, and adults. The Pocket CPR Mask Kit helps protect rescuers in an emergency situation. Features a replaceable one-way valve with biological filter in one housing. Fully assembled, ready to use, and Made from 100% latex free material. A convenient, safe, and effective way to administer CPR.

Mylar Emergency Blanket

The emergency blankets are fine plastic lamina Mylar (PET) Polyethylene Terephthalate, the same material of the turnaround plastic bottles, cover with refractory aluminum the one that acts giving back until 90% of the heat emitted by our body.

Double Fold Stretcher

Double fold stretcher is made from lightweight and durable aluminium for easy lifting. Features with non slip plastic carrying handles. Spreader bars provide additional support. The orange fabric is impervious to stains and mildew for easy care and maintenance. Aluminium feet prevent the stretched bed touching the ground. Carrying bags are available for every model. Collapsible spreader bars allow the stretcher to fold in width to a slim shape for storage.

Universal Head Immobilizer

Universal Head Immobilizer is composed of two plastic-coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base and two durable head straps. Base plate fits all our aluminum and plastic backboards. Head supports can be used on standard backboards, or turned around for use on any scoop stretcher.

Spine Board

Our Spine Board is made from high density completely recyclable polyethylene, moulded into a unique, one piece shell spine board, provides the highest quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate emergency spinal care. The biggest advantage of spine board is that it enables easy access to awkward low spaces and makes movement of the body easy in confined areas.

Portable Massage Table Aluminum

Portable massage table aluminum is a lightweight and foldable table used for massages and other bodywork therapies. It is designed for easy transport and storage and is made with an aluminum frame to make it sturdy while still being light.
  • Accessaries including: face whole plug, headrest, armrest.
  • 1 years warranty for the frame.
  • Carry bag is included.
  • Upholstery thickness: 5cm
  • Max capacity: 120kg

Stainless Steel Examination Table

Stainless steel material with backrest adjustable.

Foam Roller

Foam Roller is made from durable EPE, diameter 15cm, cylindrical in shape, ligth weight, many different colors and lengths available.
  • Durable EPE material
  • diameter 15cm
  • cylindrical in shape
  • many different colors and lengths available
  • Light weight and easy to carry

Commode Chair with Bucket

Height adjustable, with armrest, foldable, comes with a bucket, provides a convenient and safer toilet alternative for persons with reduced mobility.