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Luxurious Accompanying Chair(Widening type)

Specification:80*102*43cm(backrest height: 98) Unfolding Size:208*102*43cm Packing Size:92*80*43cm Net Weight:55kg Description: the fabric is linen, steel frame coated

Clear Eye Shield

Clear Eye shield is used for a short duration to protect the patient’s eye from accidental injury or rubbing after a cataract surgery.
  • Ventilated eye shield
  • Made from high quality clear polycarbonate
  • Spoon design protects eyes
  • Smooth edge for maximum comfort
  • Accommodates either eye
  • Ideal for use after surgery
  • Elastic rope is easy to wear

Signal Air Horn

Air Horn can produce loud blasts up to 130 dB to quickly signal to others or grab attention. It is the perfect choice to be used to celebrate or in emergency situations, sporting events, construction sites, industrial use and more.

Dolphin shape Whistle

The dolphin shape whistle is a small, handheld whistle that is designed to produce a loud, high-pitched sound that can be heard over long distances. It is commonly used in emergency situations.

Mini 7 In 1 Emergency Survival Whistle

Mini 7 In 1 Emergency Survival Whistle is a compact and lightweight device designed to provide a variety of essential survival functions in emergency situations.